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Can you vape in Abu Dhabi?

September 29 2022 – Vapor town

Can you vape in Abu Dhabi?
Can you vape in Abu Dhabi?

Can You Smoke In Abu Dhabi?

Vape Shop in Abu Dhabi

Smoking is a common topic of discussion for tourists and residents of Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Many people have questions about the conservative nature of smoking in these countries. Do Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates both allow smoking? What are the smoking laws in each country? Where can you smoke and where you can't? This is an insider's guide to the answers to these questions.

Are Smoking rules in Abu Dhabi Same as Dubai?

Although Abu Dhabi and Dubai have different rules in many cases, both the city and the emirate follow the same rules when it comes to smoking. Therefore, all the information in this article is applicable to both Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Smoking is generally allowed in most places in the United Arab Emirates, but there may be some exceptions depending on the location. If you're wondering if smoking is allowed in Abu Dhabi or the UAE as a whole, it's generally safe to assume that it is. However, if you plan on visiting a specific location and you don't know for sure, it's best to ask beforehand. I want to reassure readers that they should not worry about smoking in the United Arab Emirates or in Abu Dhabi.


Vape is allowed in Abu Dhabi for adults above 18 years old. You could see many Vape shops scattered across city.

How to Find Vape shop In Abu Dhabi

Vaping is easy to find in Online Store, Baqala (stores such as grocery stores and supermarkets are common on every street corner). Vaping is a popular way to consume electronic cigarettes. You can find vape shops all around town. There are many places to buy shisha and accessories. The UAE government imposed a 100% excise tax on all tobacco products in 2017 in an effort to reduce the prevalence of smoking in the country.
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